#ukstorm #smem resources

Screen grab of metoffice warningLast night @joannalane asked

So I set one up at https://twitter.com/likeaword/lists/uk-severe-weather

It contains the Environment Agency regional accounts, SEPA, Natural Resources Wales, the Met Office, the Highways Agency, Maritime and Coastguard Agency and a couple of media organisations.

Also relevant would be local authority accounts.

We have a lot of local authorities. And the Department for Communities and Local Government has a list containing all of them here https://twitter.com/info4local/lists/local-authorities

They also follow Fire and Rescue services https://twitter.com/Tyne_Wear_FRS/lists/uk-frs

And of course the police will be heavily deployed if there is disruption. The excellent @nickkeane has a list for them https://twitter.com/nickkeane/lists/uk-police-force-twitters

This is a lot of accounts, many of which may not be involved in the storm at any given time. Exactly the job for which #tags are so suitable.

So far #ukstorm seems to be being used and is probably worth a follow.

I’d appreciate any suggestions for accounts that should be added to the list, #tags that should be followed or other useful resources in the comments please.

UPDATE 26 Oct 2013 1316

Scott Reuter all the way over in the USA has been mining twitter and RTing interesting #ukstorm accounts which I have added to the list.

He also pointed out that #stjude is getting some traffic.

And twitter pointed me to #stjudestorm

This search will return tweets containing any of those #tags