Skype on a chromebook

One of the frustrations of using the Chrome OS is the fact that there isn’t a Skype client for Chrome. Is this a deliberate attempt by Microsoft to undermine Google’s takeover of the PC space, does it represent a limitation in cloud computing or is it just an oversight? These are questions I cannot answer.

And, unsurprisingly, Google+ works REALLY well on Chrome.

I do need to use Skype chat for some projects, in particular the Standby Taskforce co-ordinates deployments through Skype. One solution is, of course, to use Crouton to install full Linux, which I have done. Even so it’s often convenient to use Chrome.

I’ve been using IM+ which is a browser-based client for a range of chat services. It’s free. It works very well on WiFi though it struggled on a flaky mobile connection.

It doesn’t deal with video chat or even audio but for text chat it’s a viable solution.