I love Google Slides

I love Google Slides (not this slide though it does look pretty awesome).

There I’ve said it.

I haven’t always loved Google Slides. It’s got better over the past few years with more transitions, better animations and all that.

But it’s always had one BIG problem.

You need to be on-line. Which is something you can’t totally rely on in lovely Herefordshire. Or on the slow but steady train to London (many cathedrals, fewer 3G masts).

Google did have a project called Gears which allowed you to use some of its cloud-based services offline but I could never get it to work for me.

Google now has Google Drive offline. You need to enable this which is pretty easy and then there you are,

And it passes the key test.

It just works. I’ve used it on train trips with signals dropping in and out, I’ve used it in country pubs beyond the reach of decent broadband and it just works. When it can see a connection it syncs, when it can’t it just works.

And coupled with the Chrome OS booting in seconds. I love Google Slides.

Image is Google slide, Google HQ – Mozilla Work Week in San Jose and Mountain View by Robert Nyman