Coming home is strange: it feels like leaving

Pile of business cards. The logo Likeaword is very prominentSo my business cards arrived today.

That makes it official.

I am now properly the MD of the likeaword consultancy.

Last time I did this sort of thing I learned a lot (and wrote a series of blog posts about what I had learned)

In 2008 I concluded that what organisations needed was help to understand how social media would change emergency response and people’s behaviour in disasters. That was, as it turned out, correct. I think it is fair to say that the market took some time to develop.

In 2015 I concluded that organisations need help to understand and adapt to the profound changes digital technology is making to society. Emergencies and disaster response are areas where we see this impact most dramatically but it can be felt across all organisations all of the time.

So I haven’t left the public sector for corporate shilling. Nor have I left local government so I can do more for local government.

In fact it’s not about leaving at all.

I’ve taken a step into a role where I think I can make a real contribution to helping citizens and organisations make serious use of the amazing abilities that each one of us now has available at our fingertips.

Likeaword isn’t intended to become a global colossus nor is it intended to be a one person band. It should be just as big as it needs to be and just as small as it can be.

And, hopefully, useful.

Please get in touch if you think we can help.

(the title is a quote by the way from a song on this album)

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