The tyranny of narrative

I’ve become mildly obsessed by the Broadway musical, Hamilton. I don’t feel embarrassed about this, it’s a massive hit and is crushed under the weight of the awards it has won. It follows the life story of the least well remembered American founding father, Alexander Hamilton. If you like writing it’s the musical for you. […]

GovCampCymru 2016: my day

GovCampCymru 2016 took place last Saturday (24 September – ahem – 23 September) at the Pierhead Building on Cardiff Bay. Because of my advanced age I usually can’t spend a moment at the Bay without stopping people and saying “I remember when all this wasn’t here”. Luckily GovCampCymru was so engaging that I didn’t really start […]

Interesting things are afoot in, of all places, Gloucestershire. I mean no disrespect to that fine county. Alright I mean a certain amount of disrespect: I was born and bred in Herefordshire. We don’t have much to look down on but we try to look down on Gloucestershire. Though they have a very nice cathedral […]

I had a chat with Amanda Coleman, Head of Corporate Communications at Greater Manchester Police on 23 Aug 2011. I was particularly interested in the process behind the force’s escalation on social media and the learning from it. This is an edited version of what she told me. Background Greater Manchester Police is the constabulary […]

For a second night London has seen violent disorder in several locations. The Metropolitan Police has engaged in a significant public order policing effort. There will be many reviews and there are already many arguments about the causes and triggers of these events. The Police tactics have been criticised. The actions of the Police surrounding […]