I love Google Slides

I love Google Slides (not this slide though it does look pretty awesome). There I’ve said it. I haven’t always loved Google Slides. It’s got better over the past few years with more transitions, better animations and all that. But it’s always had one BIG problem. You need to be on-line. Which is something you […]

Skype on a chromebook

One of the frustrations of using the Chrome OS is the fact that there isn’t a Skype client for Chrome. Is this a deliberate attempt by Microsoft to undermine Google’s takeover of the PC space, does it represent a limitation in cloud computing or is it just an oversight? These are questions I cannot answer. And, […]


A series of unexpected events have led to me having to reinstall the blog. Of course, being a resilience specialist, I take regular backups. Of course…

How 3D printing could change emergency response

This week, one of my favourite radio programmes: In Business ran a feature on 3D printing. I’ve been aware, in principle, of this technology for a while but I had it filed under the “interesting only for home electronics geeks”. This programme made me look at the possibilities all over again. Essentially 3D printing allows […]