Navigating around maps on websites. A guide for local authorities (and others)

I was supposed to be sorting out the garage. In a desperate act of prevarication, I checked Twitter. Sure enough Dan Slee had posed a gnomic question to the world. Twitter, did the whole boring #localgov can’t use Google maps or open street maps argument ever get resolved? — Dan Slee (@danslee) January 17, […]

Should you be doing that? Social media, ickiness and privacy

  Let me be absolutely clear. I am not a lawyer. I know a little about technology and I have been thinking about these issues for a while. But being an avid reader of Jack of Kent does not substitute for actual qualifications in legal practice. Ickiness A couple of years ago at BlueLIghtCamp Andrew […]

How to reduce the FOI burden on local government

(photo is: Secret Comedy Podcast 06 – 2 August 2013 by Amnesty International UK used under CC BY 2.0)   As reported by the Press Gazette, the LGA has provided evidence to the Freedom of Information Commission [PDF]. The LGA is disappointingly negative about FOIA, seeing it as a a cost to authorities rather than a boon to their […]