Stepping away from the core

I just made some changes to the website of The Standby Task Force. Not, in itself, a very noteworthy action. But these particular changes are significant to me. Because today I removed myself from the Core Team page and added myself to the Coordinators page. The Standby Task Force has what, in management speak, most […]

Six links for a blogpost

It’s Saturday. I’ve been doing nice things, seeing friends and walking dogs. I don’t really want to write much today but I must because I have an agreement with Dan Slee that we will blog every day in November.   What do we know about Brexit? Not much according to the House of Commons Library. Confused […]

Social media and the bereaved

I’ve just returned from an excellent workshop run by Gwent LRF. They train professionals from the police and local authorities who might work with bereaved families after a major incident together. This workshop was focusing on issues relating to the media and the bereaved. I was talking, in particular, about social media. My slides are […]

Can we use slack for civil contingencies chat?

Phil Rumens was looking for examples of using Slack for cross-agency team chat. Anyone using @SlackHQ or other platforms for cross agency civil emergency team chat? Perhaps @likeaword might know? — Phil Rumens (@PhilRumens) November 8, 2016 Its sparked a nice discussion including examples of the use of WhatsApp and Microsoft Lync  I’m also familiar with the use […]

What should define a Multi Agency Information Cell?

Why the gripping headline? I’m not sure I’m getting the hang of writing click-bait headlines. But this is a significant question for some people. And some of those people read this blog. What’s it all about? Version 2 of the JESIP doctrine has been published for consultation. JESIP is the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme […]