How to reduce the FOI burden on local government

(photo is: Secret Comedy Podcast 06 – 2 August 2013 by Amnesty International UK used under CC BY 2.0)   As reported by the Press Gazette, the LGA has provided evidence to the Freedom of Information Commission [PDF]. The LGA is disappointingly negative about FOIA, seeing it as a a cost to authorities rather than a boon to their […]

Things your web team didn’t tell you about Google Analytics.

You have a lovely shiny website. Your in-house team or your external contractors wired it up to Google Analytics account and handed over to you (in marketing, digital or comms). They may even have muttered something mysterious as they left. But there are some things they didn’t tell you. They (probably) don’t actually know much […]

Four steps that will transform your relationship with Google Analytics

The world is divided into two groups of people The first group has Google Analytics wired into their website. They have dashboards set up that they check daily. They run weekly and monthly reports and pour over the data with confidence and enthusiasm. They advise managers in their organisation of changes that should be implemented […]