Data maturity in local government

I’d like to talk about Data Maturity Data maturity has recently become a big thing in my life, not least because of my involvement in Data Evolution: a project looking into data maturity in charities and social enterprises. As part of that project some of my colleagues have undertaken a desk review of data maturity […]

Public bodies that use Google Analytics do hold the data collected

The dangers of email mail-merge A long time ago I rather rashly made an FOIA request for website usage data from every principal local authority in the UK. Things got a bit fuzzy in Northern Ireland owing to their local government reorganisation but in general most people handed over the information. Sometimes incredibly swiftly (take […]

Five things corporate communications teams should know about their website.

It’s funny how often I find corporate comms people who are divorced from their organisation’s websites. Sometimes it is clear that internal turf wars ensure that they are kept at arms length. Even when corporate comms teams are welcomed into the digital/webby fold or placed in charge of websites they still seem to miss out […]

Navigating around maps on websites. A guide for local authorities (and others)

I was supposed to be sorting out the garage. In a desperate act of prevarication, I checked Twitter. Sure enough Dan Slee had posed a gnomic question to the world. Twitter, did the whole boring #localgov can’t use Google maps or open street maps argument ever get resolved? — Dan Slee (@danslee) January 17, […]

Should you be doing that? Social media, ickiness and privacy

  Let me be absolutely clear. I am not a lawyer. I know a little about technology and I have been thinking about these issues for a while. But being an avid reader of Jack of Kent does not substitute for actual qualifications in legal practice. Ickiness A couple of years ago at BlueLIghtCamp Andrew […]