Your competitors are idiots

Look at your competitors and pity them ((pity the Gelth)). Old, creaky, out of touch.

Their websites are out of date and confusing.

Their marketing tactics are crass and old fashioned.

Their product range is limited and out of date. They do not understand the market like you do.

What you bring to the market is something new.

You understand SEO.

You have new and shiny products ((which people NEED)).

You know everybody who matters on Twitter.

You have 75 Klout thingies ((and you are influential about bananas))

Your potential customers are desperate for a change.

The moment they see you you will ditch their old contracts and hitch their wagons to your shining star.

The fifteen year relationship they have with your competitor will count for nothing.

The fact that your competitor understands their business inside out will be of no consequence.

They will forget that time when your competitor didn’t sleep for a week to sort out that HR disaster that she had warned them would be a problem and never said I told you so.

The moment they see your website with that YouTube embed of you talking at that conference they will be putty in your hands.

There is absolutely no chance that your competitors are not idiots.

That they have reputations so strong in the sector that they don’t need websites to sell themselves.

That their lack of facility with social media tools is no barrier to building and maintaining relationships in the market ((weirdly a lack of facility with social media tools doesn’t particularly seem to be a barrier to being a specialist in social media)).

That they have spend a lot of time listening to customers, understanding what they want and designing services and products as a result.

No chance whatsoever.

Which is, of course a relief.