Walking out is awesome and totally a good idea

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, more satisfying than handing in your notice.

Yes there is: resigning on the spot.

Resigning on the spot and reciting that speech that you’ve been rehearsing in your head for years. The one so full of righteous invective that your boss withers before your very eyes weakly calling

“I’m melting I’m melting” ((or possibly you drop a house on them))

Resigning, walking out and then refusing to come back when they beg you. Even when they throw themselves under the wheels of your car.

Or bicycle.

Many of us dream of leaving our jobs.

A lot of us have had tearful conversations with our partners in which the idea is explored and rejected.

Because you can’t just walk out of your job now can you?

Can you?

No. No you can’t ((obviously you can))

Let ,me really clear here there are very few circumstances under which it is a sensible idea to just quit

  • you have another job ((getting a job really is failing at freelancing))
  • you have won the lottery ((buying lottery tickets is not an acceptable business plan))
  • you are independently wealthy ((you aren’t for more on this see Planning is boring and for wimps))

Some people who go freelance do not just walk out of their jobs. They approach their employer and discuss their plans.

“I’m not happy in my work”

they say

“And I’m planning to go freelance.”

Then, while their employer reels in shock they follow up with

“Obviously I could just hand in my notice but I thought you might like to discuss ways in which I can stay involved with this shower for a bit longer”.

Maybe they reduce their hours and start freelancing part time with the blessing of their employer.

Maybe their employer becomes their first client.


They don’t know the unbridled panic and despair that comes of suddenly having to fill five days a week with freelance work from a standing start ((and without a plan obv)).

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