Just in case anyone is still having arguments with civil engineers

A recurring theme in my professional life in local government web / comms has been whether to call the thing on the side of the road where people are supposed to walk the pavement (like normal people do) or the footway (like civil engineers do).

In my happier moments I like to believe that those days are behind us.

But just in case they aren’t here’s the Google Trends data for those two terms.


I think the pavements have it.

Spiritual guidance

A few years ago I discovered Buddhism.

Every week I would pop off on my bike for an evening of meditation and spiritual discussion.

I felt my values changing.

I began to think that my life and career priorities were wrong.

I decided to trust to fate and launch myself upon the world as a freelance consultant.

I excitedly explained to my Buddhist teacher.

“I’m stepping off the career ladder. All this contemplation of ethics, mindfulness and spiritual practice. It’s really changed the way I look at the world.”

He looked at me sadly.


he said

“it’s just your age”