The next RocketCamp will be

4 February 2015. Sign up to the mailing list to be sure of a chance at a ticket.

A bunch of us have been getting together every couple of months to network and shoot the breeze about digital stuff.

This is inspired by the awesome #teacamp in London but it is better in some important ways

Firstly it’s in Hereford which, I think everyone will agree, is better than London.

Secondly it’s in the Rocket Cafe which is the sort of place they just don’t have in London.

Thirdly it’s full of inspiring Herefordshire folk, talking about the cool things we do round here.

Events are advertised on Eventbrite but it’s useful to have a permanent online home.

That’s what this page is for.

You can check here to find out when the next event is:

It is 4 February 2015. BOOK NOW

And sign up for RocketCamp related news.


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