Round up 20th April 2014

In a desperate attempt to get people to read and share posts that everyone has already got bored with and moved on from here is a round up of the top five ((this is arbitrary no actual data has been used to collate this chart)) How to Fail at Freelancing posts.

In 5th place Just walk out of your job. This was the first post so you might have overlooked it. And it took me just ages to write so let’s have another go.

In 4th place Competition, the stuff of failure. Allowing me to exorcise the demons of my hippy upbringing. Though the home-made yoghurt still haunts me…

In 3rd place Spiritual guidance. If you’re just following links from Twitter you’re probably missing out on these little vignettes. This might not cause you to change your behaviour of course.

In 2nd place Your customers are idiots. They aren’t, obviously. Though you may be ((you’re not, please don’t leave, I’m ridiculously needy)).

And the winner is Work for free. Which seemed to touch a chord with quite a lot of freelancers out there. I may not know much but I do know that this is a guaranteed way to fail.

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On being directed to this blog the estimable @danslee asked if there was a plan to produce htfaf merchandising.

I think if I invest heavily in a range of merchandise which I fail to sell that could fit in nicely with the general theme of the site.