With experts working at the cutting edge of digital technology, crisis communication and collaboration we are able to bring new perspectives and skills to your organisation.

We are able to undertake analysis, planning, coaching and support for individuals and teams within your organisation. We do not promulgate an approach, we help you use our specialist skills and knowledge to deliver the outcomes that you need.

Our consultancy service is led by Ben Proctor, the founder of the likeaword consultancy.

What our clients say:

Ben came to our offices to run an in-house half day communications and PR strategy session with our top team. The session was highly infomative and genuinely strategic. His in-depth knowledge of how the media and broadcast industries really work was an eye-opener and enabled us to prioritise our short, medium and long term actions into a detailled, integrated action plan at the end of the session. I would heartily recommend any organisation to engage Ben for a similar strategy session.

Ben totally gets the business and where we want to go. He has been really instrumental in helping us achieve spectacular growth by building strong and lasting relationships with our customers. He has become an integral part of the company and the team.

I appreciated the constant two-way communication during the project, not only querying specific things, but also recording and suggesting improvements for the future.

If you need support or analysis and insight from an organisation that really understands how digital technology is shaping our world, contact us now.