Twitter's new timeline feature demonstrated with puppies

Cute puppiesTwitter has a new feature: custom timelines. It enables you to pull tweets out of the twitterverse and put them in a list which you can then share with the world. This is a bit like except storify works with a range of social networks.

You need a Tweetdeck account to create a custom timeline and then you can view it on

Now I’m a serious consultant working in social media for emergency management so clearly I had to try this out. And nothing says serious consultant more than pictures of puppies. So I ran a search and pulled some pictures of cute canines into my custom timeline.

The custom timeline can be embedded too.

Like this…

It’s interesting and the tight integration with the rest of twitter is attractive. Storify needs to look over its shoulder but I’m sticking with storify for the moment.

Skype on a chromebook

One of the frustrations of using the Chrome OS is the fact that there isn’t a Skype client for Chrome.┬áIs this a deliberate attempt by Microsoft to undermine Google’s takeover of the PC space, does it represent a limitation in cloud computing or is it just an oversight? These are questions I cannot answer.

And, unsurprisingly, Google+ works REALLY well on Chrome.

I do need to use Skype chat for some projects, in particular the Standby Taskforce co-ordinates deployments through Skype. One solution is, of course, to use Crouton to install full Linux, which I have done. Even so it’s often convenient to use Chrome.

I’ve been using IM+ which is a browser-based client for a range of chat services. It’s free. It works very well on WiFi though it struggled on a flaky mobile connection.

It doesn’t deal with video chat or even audio but for text chat it’s a viable solution.